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Roboforce MK2 - The Stellar Games Hangar


Systems shutting down

with only three new supporters joining in the final hours, it looks like the Stellar Games of Roboforce MK2 are shutting down for good at 0.66%. the hangar managed to beat Banners & Bandits along with Sputnik Scuffle, only being beaten by Rocket Conquest by 15 supporters.

This sadly makes Roboforce MK2 and its Stellar Games an overall Failure.
All I got now is my final culmination project that's currently awaiting approval, so it's All or Nothing once it hits.

Edit: Make that four new supporters. still unsuccessful in the end.


Series Failure Imminent

three new supporters joined in to bump us up to 0.63% as we approach the final five days of Roboforce MK2. i don't think we'll be beating Rocket Conquest, Let alone reaching the Hundred-supporter Milestone.

it was tough thinking of what games could work with a three-team format, from Banners & Bandits playing with the flag on the moon.

to Sputnik Scuffle relating to satellites and signals

To Rocket Conquest translating the Space Race into a game of control
it's sad to see it all go to waste.


Dehydration resolved, Two bests passed.

Nine new supporters helped break the dry streak and bumped us up to 0.6%, beating Banners & Bandits along with Sputnik Scuffle in the process. the only best we have left is rocket conquest, but i don't think passing it is going to be possible within ten days.


Dehydration levels Rising, Success unlikely

You know, when i posted that update five days ago talking about the Dry streak and thinking it wouldn't be so bad, it was a joke I made! It was April Fools that day! Of course it was gonna be bad! it was five days with no new support back then, and now it's gotten worse with Ten days of no support!


Dehydration Detected

i had a feeling another dry streak would hit us. I did express my concerns for these in the past, but maybe this one won't be so bad. i mean, it's been a constant presence around all my projects so, maybe this drought can go further than any of them?


nearing our past attempts

i almost thought we would encounter another Dry streak after it broke last time i updated, but one new supporter saved the day bumping our total to 0.51%. we're only two away from reaching the best of Banners & Bandits!


The halves align!

Glad to see the Dry-streak be broken as we got five new supporters bringing us halfway to the hundred-supporter milestone. and fittingly, with half of our time left for us to (hopefully) beat the best of any of the three Stellar Games.


Dehydration levels dropping

Glad to see two new supporters break that dry streak, bumping us up to 0.47% and leaving us 53 away from the hundred-supporter milestone. let's keep this going!


Alert! Dehydration levels rising!

Ten days without a new supporter? this Dry streak is worse than i thought! what's causing this to happen? is the game aspect within not fun anymore? Don't give up on this so soon!


Error! Dehydration at Hangar

A dry streak here? at a time where the three teams chill in-between Stellar Games? i know the past stellar games haven't worked out, but we can't give up on it so soon!

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