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Roboforce MK2 - The Stellar Games Hangar


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Rebooted and ready for some fun!
in 1997, there was a small subtheme of Space known as Roboforce. with only four sets under its name, it came and went in an instant, but now it comes back as something never done before in the reaches of space: in the form of a Skirmish Scale Sport! of course with every game, you'll need to set somewhere to rest and recharge for another match.

The three teams
  • The Orange Team, Amber Rovers
  • The Green Team, Seafoam Cruisers
  • The Purple Team, Phlox Flyers

Why did you build it?
I looked at Roboforce's four sets and wanted to give the theme more attention. the best thing about Lego IPs is that they're owned by Lego themselves. and with it being the toy of creativity and Imagination, it was easy to reimagine it as something else!

Why do you believe in this?
I believed I should learn from my instances of earning the milestone of 100 supporters and deliver the best from them. This is also because Space has been dormant for years since Galaxy Squad ended and is only now starting to make a comeback after Star Wars seized a monopoly on the final frontier as a whole.

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