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Super B Wing


What you can see here is an advanced version of B-wing. Because everything is at least doubled in numbers compared to the original B-wing - therefore Super in the name.

The speed has tripled (theoretically speaking - it is still a prototype) and firepower has quadrupled. There are all sorts of ion cannons, lasers and it even have a few torpedoes to throw at something!

Cockpit and secondary wings are rotatable 90 degrees and there are some movable engine inlets that are highly sensitive to any change in position. The cannon that is operated by copilot is movable too.

All that is maintained by two crews. Since this is a very complex star ship that needs special care one crew just wasn't enough. So, two pilots, two copilots and two mechanics. No boredom here I assure you.

In order to build this ship one needs: 2 sets of Lego B-wing 75050 and one third in numbers of Lego bricks totaling to approximately 1500 bricks. 

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