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Vultress: School Attack


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Vultress is my own manga-style comic book series that I'm working on. I'm hoping to get the first book finished by early summer. It is about a shy high school girl named Kara. She has been living by herself since she was 8 years old, after her parent's unexplained tragic end. One night, she mysteriously takes on a different persona as a superhero named Vultress and fights crime. However, the next morning she wakes up, back to her normal self, and has no memories of the night before or about being a superhero, sort of like a duel personality type of thing. And every night after, the same thing happens.

The set I had in mind would be a battle scene in the hallway of Featherbeak High School (the school that Kara attends in the series), over by the lockers. It would include 3 minifigures: Vultress (the main character), The Shadow (the main villain), and Laughing Girl (a secondary villain in the series). I think this would make a great set because it would appeal to both kids and teens.