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Mike Wazowski

Get ready for monstrous fun with the "Mike Wazowski" set by Pablo Maccor and Martin Dasnoy, inspired by one of the iconic characters from the movie Monsters Inc.
This set captures the thrilling final moment of the film, where laughter becomes the power source for the city of monsters.

Built with attention to detail while respecting the essence of the character, the set includes a microphone in his hand, reminding us of his crucial role as a professional scarer.
Additionally, we've added an energy tube for Mike to collect laughter and keep the city running smoothly.
It also features the small detail of a sock on his back with the "2319" code, paying homage to the movie and giving fans a surprise.

One of the standout features of this set is its incredible articulation and expression capability. Mike Wazowski can adopt numerous poses thanks to the joints located throughout his body, allowing you to recreate iconic scenes from the movie and unleash your imagination.

Building techniques
With a height of 17.5 cm, this set showcases intriguing construction techniques used to capture the distinctive oval shape of Mike Wazowski. We successfully struck a balance between the body's weight and the limbs' resilience, resulting in a character that is highly expressive and able to assume dynamic poses.

This could be a really great Lego set!
Someone as iconic as the characters from Monsters Inc, and more specifically Mike Wazowski, makes this set a very eye-catching object to have as a display piece. Its lime green color stands out among other sets, and its charisma instantly grabs attention.

About Us

Pablo Maccor - Since I received my first Lego set as a gift, I felt a passion for them. I'm someone who is fascinated by perfect shapes and good techniques when using the pieces. With this model, I had a lot of fun and it was a beautiful construction challenge.

Martin Dasnoy - As a character animator, I love being able to work on the expressiveness of what I do. That's why making it possible to pose the character was a challenge.

This model is a collaborative effort between Martin Dasnoy and myself

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