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3.5K Supporters! And a redesigned Chasmfiend!

Thank you to everyone who's supported since my last update post in May! We're getting so close to the next milestone of 5K! Please spread the word!

In the meantime, I wanted to show everyone the new designs! You may remember the old design of the Roshar Section, where you could either place Kaladin and Shallan in the chasm, or perch Adolin and Dalinar atop the plateau. I wasn't satisfied with how cramped the diorama was up there, so I redesigned it to be modular. The chasm walls are able to be removed and reoriented into a plateau surface, providing plenty of room for displaying the newly designed Chasmfiend. The legs are now much more accurate to official artwork, and the head is more wedge shaped, as described in the books. It is also drastically more stable, capable of being posed in many orientations!

The original design, for comparison:

Also joining us are some new looks for the characters in this set!

I am proud to officially introduce Syl and Pattern in minifigure format, as well as officially give Wyndle a face! Kaladin has a new uniform, and Brandon Sanderson is in a Bridge Four shirt to celebrate the release of his upcoming Stormlight book this year! Last, but not least, on the list is Steris, who has officially joined the Mistborn Era 2 crew!

Minifigs and characters are from left to right:
Top Row: Shade, Shai, Marasi, Steris, Wayne, Wax, Kelsier, Vin (Mistborn), Vin (Ballgown), Elend
Middle Row: Hoid, Brandon Sanderson, Chasmfiend
Bottom Row: Kaladin, Shallan, Pattern, Syl, Adolin, Dalinar, a Singer, Nightblood, Lift, a Chicken, and Wyndle

Finally, a personal favorite of the minis, I've added more detailing and towers to Elantris too! Be sure to check it out!

Thank you so much for reading about my updates! I've also made some minor edits that I haven't mentioned explicitly here, after all, there's always another secret...

Until next time!


Upgrades! Upgrades everywhere!

Greetings Radiants, Mistings, Ferrings, Elantrians, Forgers, Awakeners, Sand Masters, and anyone else who hasn't read the books yet and is wondering what they've stumbled into! It is with great pleasure, and a bit of showmanship, that I welcome you to my update! We are 2294 supporters in, and we're still going strong!

First and foremost, both Mistborn sections have been heavily modified! Mistborn Training has undergone a makeover, focusing mostly on the buildings in the foreground. The Sovereign's Temple has been transformed into The Alloy of Law showcasing the Speed Bubble sequence from the first volume of the Wax and Wayne series! I apologize to all of the Steris and MeLaan fans out there, I tried to come up with a way to include them in another section, but I couldn't find the room. But speaking of rooms, be sure to look around Wax's lab for references to the rest of the series!

Over on Roshar, the Chasms have had a makeover, bringing the alien flora to the Shattered Plains, and adding more texture to the floor of the chasm! The Chasmfiend has a new color scheme too, mostly because the old one got corrupted, but I like it a lot!

In the meantime, Hoid and I would like to introduce you to the newest minifigure in the set, Pattern!!!
Hmmm, a very intriguing addition, wouldn't you say? Just don't ask him to divide by zero, and everything will be great!

Pattern is located in the new and improved Shadesmar segment, now encompassing 1/8th of the bottom round, as opposed to the 1/16th it had before! In its old slot is our favorite Edgedancer Lift; who, along with a very disapproving Wyndle is still stealing lunch!

The other main edits are similar all around the bottom! I've added backgrounds to the dioramas that were feeling a bit sparse and moved things around as needed. I'm particularly proud of the improvements to Threnody and The Emperor's Soul. The Ball at Keep Venture was also heavily redone, to show Vin and Elend's first meeting. Unfortunately, Sazed also had to be cut from the final version, but I love how the forced perspective worked out (check the main image for a better view of this!)

That's all for now, but be sure to check back for future upgrades and news! And please share this with your friends!

Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination!


1000 Supporters!

Thank you for helping me reach 1000 supporters! I'm so happy that the design is being well received! Here's an actual good image of the characters that would be included in the set, with an alternate angle on the Chasmfiend! Note, the designs are all existing LEGO Decal designs; with the exception of Brandon's Bridge 4 shirt, Kaladin's Forehead Glyph, MeLaan's True Body, and a few other custom decal designs. They are all subject to change to become more accurate if the set is adapted.

From Left to Right!
Top Row: Kaladin/Syl, Kelsier
Middle: Shallan/Pattern, Adolin, Dalinar, Lift/Wyndle, Singer, Elend, Vin (Ballgown), Vin (Mistcloak), Sazed, Marasi, MeLaan, Wayne, Steris, Wax, Shai
Front Row: Brandon Sanderson, Hoid

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