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High School - LEGO Modular


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High School - Modular Design

It is about time to add a High School to the LEGO Modular buildings.  This 2-story high school was inspired by 1920s-1930s architecture for school buildings.  The high school is modeled after a 1930 high school in the first school district in which I taught.  The school building is built wider than tall, typical of most schools, and takes up a space equivalent to 2 modular (32x32) baseplates.  This is created by a space of 48x32 (1-32x32 baseplate & 1-16x32 baseplate) for the school building itself. The other 16x32 baseplate space is created by 2 possible base configurations to meet your LEGO town needs.  Specifications on the layout and configurations are below.


  • 4 classrooms
  • Library
  • Principal's office
  • Restroom
  • 4 sets of lockers
  • Outside courtyard with 2 picnic tables
  • 2 bicycle racks, 3 bicycles (white, blue, red)
  • 6 minifigures (4 teachers, librarian and principal) + 1 skeleton for the science lab


  • About 2600 pieces (a little less than the Town Hall set)
  • 2 possible configurations
  • Total Baseplate coverage (for either configuration) = 64x32 or the space of 2 current modulars
  • 3 entrances - Main double doors, 2 symmetrical rear entrances on the first floor

2 Base Plate Configurations

  1. Corner Building - The 1st configuration is seen in the main picture with a corner courtyard.  This includes one 16x32 baseplate to create the courtyard, which includes 2 picnic tables and 2 bicycle racks that can hold up to 4 bicylces.  Bicycles are stabilized by a sloped tile piece that fits under the kickstand of the bicycle.  A brick built tree finishes off this corner piece.
  2. End-of-a-Block - The 2nd configuration is shown as a End-of-a-Block set up with two other modular buildings locking in place behind the school.  This includes two 8x32 baseplates to create the wrap around sidewalks. Also, includes a striped school bus loading zone on one of the wrap around sidewalks.

1st Floor

  • Entrance Foyer - Double door entrance, school color rug and 2 wall sconces.
  • Language Arts Classroom - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, a writing desk, chalkboard, clock, and hanging LEGO Shakespeare quote.
  • History Classroom - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, hanging Gettysburg Address tile, historical shield, chalkboard, clock and historical helmet decoration.
  • Library - Contains a card catalog, 2 bookcases full of books, 1 table with 4 chairs, librarian's desk with chair, globe, and storage closet located under stairwell.
  • Hallway - U-shaped hallway with 2 sets of lockers leading to 2 rear doors, school bell, and staircase.

2nd Floor

  • Science Classroom/Lab - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, lab table with frog dissections, 1 microscope station, chemical vent hood, astronomy poster, clock, fire extinguisher, wall controls for lab, chalkboard, and anatomy skeleton model.
  • Mathematics Classroom - Contains 6 desks with chairs, 1 teacher's desk with chair, chalkboard, clock and whiteboard.
  • Principal's Office - Contains desk with chair, floor lamp, diploma, phone, clock and chair for guest.
  • Restroom - Contains overhead light, toilet and sink.
  • Hallway - Contains an overlooking balcony into the library, 2 sets of lockers, water fountain, and chair outside the principal's office.


  • Contains a brick built skylight that slides into place on rails and two micro figure statues. (No roof access for safety reasons.)  The skylight overlooks the library.


  • Contain drains, 2-3 lampposts depending on configuration, 1 school flagpole, 2 bicycle racks (corner configuration), brick built tree (corner configuration) and decorative corner tile designs.







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