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   This quickly recognizable, multi-tasking, commercial vehicle comes in many shapes and sizes and is universally used to provide quick access to high areas in all types of environments. It is known by operators as a scissor-lift. It is built by many great manufacturers the world over. This particular model is not based on any specific brand. It is my own design and colour scheme.  

   Similar to my other builds, I wanted to create something from my workplace that I could share with my kids to give them a better understanding of what their dad gets up to at work. I really love the scissor-like function of the real-life versions and challenged myself to use LEGO to re-create the effect. It was a lot of fun trying to incorporate the other real-life operations of the vehicle like the battery tray and the engine hydraulics as well as the front-wheel articulation. It turned out to be such a fun project to work on and my kids got to play with it too and get a better idea of some of the jobs their dad does. 

   <font color="#323232">This would make a great addition to any collection just based on the included pieces. It is approximately 1:12 scale of the real-life equivalents and includes roughly 323 pieces...I think ;). It could also be part of a line of sets that focus on similar lifting vehicles like single-user lifts, articulating lifts, boom tucks, and ruggedized scissor-lifts for outdoor use. If there is an untapped niche of construction vehicles and equipment that LEGO hasn't officially launched, then this could fill that gap. It incorporates moveable and functional elements that are fun to play with as well including:

  • extendable platform moves back and forth to provide further reach

  • platform lifts up and down using the scissor-like function

  • front wheels connected to turn simultaneously

  • battery tray and hydraulics controller box open on both sides of the vehicle

   If supported, I would definitely appreciate any feedback LEGO has to make this meet any requirements for quantity of pieces, colour scheme and or design specifications. Most <font color="#323232">importantly though, I get to share this with you and confirm to myself once again that anything can be made out of LEGO! 

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