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Voltron - Armored Fleet Dairugger XV


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Armored Fleet Dairugger XV is a mecha anime series that aired in Japan from 1982 to 1983. More popularly known as Voltron Vehicle Force, it is made up of 3 assault teams: Kurugger (Air), Kairugger (Sea), and Rikurugger (Land). Each specialized and designed to thrive in the element their team is named from. There are a total of 15 vehicles referred to as "Rugger", which can combine together to form the super robot Dairugger.

The Set

The set includes all 15 vehicles, each designed to try and mimic the anime. They can be played on their own or combined with their respective team to form bigger machines: Strato Fighter (Kurugger), Aqua Fighter (Kairugger), and Turbo Terrain Fighter (Rikurugger).

When all 15 are combined, they form Dairugger (Voltron) which stands around 14.5 inches. Below are more details on the teams, the members and which part of Dairugger they form:

Strato Fighter (Kurugger): Piloted by the Air Team

  • Command Jet Explorer 1 (Rugger #1): Forms the head
  • Strato Weapons Module 2 (Rugger #2): Forms the upper torso
  • Advanced Recon Helicopter 3 (Rugger #3) (the red one): Forms the right upper arm
  • Advanced Recon Helicopter 4 (Rugger #4) (the blue one): Forms the left upper arm
  • Falcon Jet Fighter 5 (Rugger #5): Forms the chest plate

Aqua Fighter (Kairugger): Piloted by the Sea Team

  • Communications Module 6 (Rugger #6): Forms the Torso midriff
  • Space Prober 7 (Rugger #7) (the red one): Forms the right thigh
  • Space Prober 8 (Rugger #8) (the blue one): Forms the left thigh
  • Multi-Wheeled Explorer 9 (Rugger #9): Forms the right lower leg
  • Multi-Wheeled Explorer 10 (Rugger #10): Forms the left lower leg

Turbo-Terrain Fighter (Rikurugger): Piloted by the Land Team

  • Jet Radar Station 11 (Rugger #11) : Forms the hips
  • Rotating Personnel Carrier 12 (Rugger #14): Forms the right forearm
  • Armored Equipment Carrier 13 (Rugger #13): Forms the left forearm
  • All-Terrain Space Vehicle 14 (Rugger #14) (the yellow one): Forms the right foot
  • All-Terrain Space Vehicle 15 (Rugger #15) (the black one): Forms the left foot

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