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Rolling BB-8


BB-8s' tools/gadgets

As promised, here are some photos of BB-8's extendable tools and taser. The ends are interchangeable, and all attach to the same part, the lightsaber handle. His tools include (top to bottom) wrench, welding flame(or thumbs-up), a jack for plugging into computers or outlets, and the taser. A picture of the parts needed is also included. 

I hope you enjoy! :D


Other Awesome Models!

Here are some other Lego droid sets that would make awesome sets, but are a little older, and are losing momentum. 

Hopefully by sharing and supporting we can make it happen ;)

The first one is a full-scale R2-D2 from StarWars; 

And here is an awesome BB-8 that rolls, and the tools even fold out! 

I hope these are of interest to you!

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