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Rolling BB-8


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Yes folks, another BB-8 Lego model!

I designed this model to have excellent playability, and it rolls and moves very well. It is not quite as advanced or detailed as others, but it is fairly accurate and incredibly fun to play with, as well as very strong.

I built one like this for myself (although not in the right colors/parts) and had great fun with it! I found this model really expressed the same looks and attitude as the real one, and you can play with it however you want!

The model rolls by attaching the middle of the body separately and having an axle go between, essentially having two wheels on either side of the middle and head. The head does turn, although it is hard to see, on a 2x2 turntable plate. The model is fairly sturdy and while the side wheels sometimes detach, It does not shatter unless you throw or drop it.

Ideally there would be some stickers, a detailed print for the 4x4 dish on his head and maybe a few other stickers as well.

I hope you enjoy the model! I will be updating soon with his extending tools and taser.

If you like this model please support it and share it with friends! We can make 10 000! :)

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