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RMS Titanic


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The RMS Titanic is one of the most beautiful ships to ever have sailed the seas and the story of her tragic sinking is known to almost everyone.

I'm aware it has been tried before and actually this is also an updated version of an earlier attempt, but the changes I've made since then are so many and the need for LEGO to have a Titanic model is still there, so I decided to go again.

This model is 144 studs long and 16 studs wide above the overhang. It's a real life model and build without any help from fancy computer programs; just like the real Titanic. I hope the pictures will speak for themselves, but here's a list of all the changes:

The overhang above B-deck is now only half a stud wide on each side and I've added C-deck portholes and changed the design of the B-deck portholes. All in all the spacing of the portholes from waterline and up has been optimized.

The lifeboats are completely new and actually look like real boats now! - the 2 collapsible boats next to the 1st smokestack are also new.

All deck space have been changed to a teak tree colour and I've added railing on the poop and forecastle deck using pneumatic tubes. Please notice the capstans and benches too and the base of the C-deck and some of the cranes which have been changed to 'medium nougat'.

The bridgewings have been rounded and the houses on each side (overhanging an additional half stud) made much more true to the real ones.

I decided very early on to go with a waterline model as I believe it's much more fun to play with and also saves quite a bit on the brick count. The 22 red slideshoes underneath makes it very easy to push around on the floor, and if you want you can fit lights inside to shine out through the many portholes at nighttime (I'll see if I can get a picture of this in a later update).

I think that's about it. Feel free to comment and ask questions and please do support!

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