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LEGO Ideas Game


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All the fun of the LEGO ideas experience on a board game!

Build the boards and play the game. The set consists of a main 32x32 board and four (12x16) player status boards, counters and LEGO dice.

  • Have an idea for a Project
  • Develop it
  • Submit it
  • Launch it
  • Gather Support
  • Beat the milestones and…
  • Enter the LEGO review
  • Have you project approved to Win – Idea goes into production and on the shelves - Fame and Fortune!

The game play is still subject to testing to get the balance right but here’s the basics

From 1 to 4 players

Each player has up to 3 ‘ideas’ during the game and keeps a record of the number of supporters and milestone badges on their status boards

Roll a 6 to have an ‘idea’

Decide if you are going to spend turns developing your idea

Submit your ‘idea’ - Roll a 1 and unfortunately it contains inappropriate content or IPR and is rejected ( a lost 'idea')

Launch your project – dice roll gives you 0,100 or 200 supporters (re-rolls allowed if you spent time developing your ‘idea’)

You have 12 month/turns to get 1000 supporters – hard going but there are chances to be ‘popular this week’ or become  a ‘Staff Pick’

Fail to make the milestone and your idea is lost (start again)

After the first 1000 you have extra chances to pick up supporters with bonuses for ‘internet articles’ or going ‘Viral on Social media’

Get to 10 000 supporters and you enter the LEGO review.

You wait 4 months/turns to see if anyone else will join you in the LEGO review.

Roll the die and if your project is approved and you are the only player on review - you win, if more than one player’s project passes then you have to share the glory.

If no one passes the LEGO review and all players use up their three good ‘ideas’ the winner is decided on the number of 1K, 5K and 10K badges the players have collected.

(Single player option can only win by passing the LEGO review)

That’s it, I hope you like this ‘idea’, if you do please support it and tell your friends – oh…..and ask them to support it too.

I will publish an update with a detailed set of rules to allow people to be play testers.

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