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Knights and Bikes!


Welcome to Penfurzy Island, home of “Knights and Bikes” and its two heroines Demelza and Nessa! Join our heroes in their “Goonies”-style adventure to find the lost treasure of the Penfurzy Knights! 

Our LEGO set idea is inspired by the story adventure game “Knights and Bikes” by Foam Sword Games and the children’s book of the same name by Gabrielle Kent. The set idea features part of the Penfurzy caravan park and mini-golf course, owned by Demelza's father, and where the two girls meet at the start of their adventure! The children are joined in their quest to find the island's legendary treasure by Demelza’s pet goose, Captain Honkers! Included are also the girls’ custom bikes and equipment, including cassette player, frisbee, foam sword and video game gauntlet!

Open Demelza’s caravan den to find her record player, comics and mixtapes, her video game console and other toys and items from the story scattered around the room and its bunk beds! Also featured are three playable holes from the “Penfurzy Knights”-themed crazy-golf course, including obstacles like a bridge, the knight’s tower maze or a swinging sword! Avoid the traps to get the balls in the holes but also look out for the island’s resident puffins!

We hope that you like this idea and we look forward to reading your comments. If you like this set you might also like to have a look at our other LEGO ideas based on the exciting world of “Alfred Hitchcock and Three Investigators” and featuring their secret junkyard headquarters - or an original Story Carousel idea inspired by Charles Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol” -!

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