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The Three Investigators - Salvage Yard & HQ


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Welcome to the Jones Salvage Yard, home of The Three Investigators and their secret HQ – an old 30-foot mobile trailer hidden among the piles of junk and transformed into the centre of operations for the three young detectives! Their HQ contains secret exits, a small lab and darkroom, an office and a purpose-built periscope to monitor events outside! The adults have forgotten about the trailer and only The Three Investigators know it’s there. They keep it a mystery by using secret passageways to enter and exit the trailer, including Tunnel Two, an entrance that runs from their outdoor work shop, beneath some junk and under Headquarters, entering through a trap door!

Based on a highly-popular series of books “Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators”, created by Robert Arthur Jr. in 1964, this set includes the teenage sleuths - Jupiter Jones, Peter Crenshaw and Bob Andrews - as well as Jupiter’s Uncle Titus and Aunt Mathilda, owners of the scrapyard, and their assistants, the brothers Hans and Konrad. The boys live in Rocky Beach, California, a town on the Pacific Coast a few miles from Hollywood and use their spare time to solve any mysteries that come their way. The boys use different coloured chalk to sign their trademark “?” as a sign for the others or to mark their trails. As Jupiter himself says “The question mark is the universal symbol of something unknown. We are prepared to solve any puzzle, riddle, mystery, enigma or conundrum what may be brought to us”. Indeed, no case is too strange or mysterious for them, including art thieves, whispering mummies, green ghosts, vanishing treasure, stuttering parrots and much more!

The set includes The Three Investigators HQ and its many secret entrances,

- Red Gate Rover leading through the multi-coloured fence surrounding the yard painted by local artists and children, into the Salvage Yard where the boys also leave their bikes and a trapdoor into HQ,

- Green Gate One leading to Jupiter’s outdoor workshop and the boy’s rebuilt printing press and then into Tunnel Two,

- Easy Three, a false door leading into the front of the trailer and that can only be opened with a key hidden in a box of other keys in the yard!

This set also includes the Jones Salvage Yard Office (containing a hidden safe) and pick-up truck, as well as items of scrap and junk from which the boys regularly transform and rebuild their equipment, including personal radios, a tape-recorder and their HQ phone and loud-speaker system. The models are designed for playability and the roofs of the yard office and HQ come off easily to allow access to the areas inside.

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