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Leonardo's Machines


Ornithopter Family Portrait

Ok this is the end of the Ornithopter update.

I wish to present you Leonardo da Vinci and his assistant Diego Frascati, 19 Y.old from Florence :)

full resolution:



Ornithopter W.i.P. 2

Ok friends, just finished the front view rendering; i render only 2 wings stats: all down and all up, but you can choose the position you prefer

as always sorry for my english ok ?

These are the results:

I really like it, only 56 pcs


Ornithopter W.i.P.

First Look of Leonardo's Ornithopter in minifigures scale

As i promised to Mr.Roy, i've finished the minifigures scale Leonardo's Ornithopter.

I'm render all views at this time so i'll update the page the next few days.

All suggest are welcome.

p.s. i've to modifiy the rear control surfaces and the wings looks ( made with paint program )