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Leonardo's Machines


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Leonardo's Machines

Who does not know Leonardo da Vinci? Probably the greatest genius of all time.
Passionate about everything from astrology to painting, writing to weapons, invented and built the most diverse machines.
He was responsible for the most incredible inventions and genius of history.
I present these are the summary of the passions that characterized Leonardo: the technological innovations in the military and civilian spheres
The Hammer and the Tank.
The hammer was created as an aid to the blacksmiths of the time, thanks to a rotating mechanism, he was able to deliver powerful blows with the hammer that rose and fell on the workpiece.
The tank is on top of my preferences regarding Leonardo's machines... together the helicopter ...
Pushed (manually) from 4 independent wheels positioned inside that allowed to rotate on its axis, was equipped with cannons on 360 °, was equipped also have an observation tower and accessible by stairs.
As regards the model the wheels are functioning and are equipped with handles for easy rotation.
Protection is totally removable to find out what is hidden inside.
The first update will undoubtedly concern the turret, it is currently provisional

The set has just under 1,000 pieces, a perfect gift for history, weapons and technology enthusiasts ( maybe a nerd like me :) )

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