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Bugatti EB110 Lego Speed Champions


BUgatti EB110S Variant

Here comes my own version of the superlative EB110S with its distinctive air intakes on the side of the cockpit and its rear spoiler.

I hope you will like it; if so please do give my project a little boost.





Merry Christmas to all Lego Fan

Dear Lego Fans,

Here comes another update of my beloved little Bugatti EB 110 to celebrate Christmas in style.

It has a much slicker design to keep it as close as possible to the real supercar; I hope you'd like it!

Merry Christmas to all!





Bugatti EB110 Facelift

Dear Lego Fans,

I have given my Bugatti EB110 a small facelift on the front bumper, the tailgate (rear lamps) and the side mirrors.

The real model would come with dedicated stickers to reproduce accurately the specific details of these part of the car body and push its degree of realism even further.

I hope you will like this changes; if so, don't hesitate to support this project along with my 3 other Lego Speed Champions projects (links below)


​Finally I welcome you to follow my page; more projects / Lego Speed Champions models are on their way - I don't want to spoil your surprise but the next one will be an iconic car from the 90's and will come in yellow - have you already guessed which one? :-)

Al the Best and keep bricking on with Lego!