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LEGO Insects: A Ladybug, Butterfly, & Dragonfly


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The design this is presented before you are displays of a butterfly, a ladybug, and a dragonfly. All three of these models have unique and different building experiences.

The Butterfly:

The butterfly was one of the most challenging but interesting builds to design. The key factors that make this model special is the ability to move and alter the wings however one pleases. The wings are built using mainly standard bricks and plates, bringing back a simple and nostalgic building experience from the childhood of many. However, there are a few SNOT building techniques. The bottom of the wings use the "headlight" bricks to invert the orientation of the studs allowing me to add the abaility to have the bottom curve of the butterfly's wings. There are also studs on the side construction to achieve the curved sides of the wings as well.

The Ladybug:

The Ladybug is what inspired this whole project. The ladybug is small but has a lot of interesting and fun building techniques to get the shape of the ladybug just perfect. Using studs on the side construction as well as the "bracket" pieces make the ladybug slightly more round giving it a more realistic design than other techniques that were tried. The bottom is smoothed out using a mix of headlight bricks, plates, and even 1x1 round plates with a hole in the center! These actually connect to the center tube of the 1x2 brick giving another connection point to make the model more sturdy and makes building the model more engaging, as well as giving others building ideas for their own models.

The Dragonfly:

The dragonfly is the most simple model of the three, however, it still has some tricks up its sleeve. Dragonflies are a very thin and light. The model accurately represents a Dragonfly. The main interesting aspects of the model is the simpleness. After building the first 2 complex insects with small pieces and quirky techniques. This model gives the builder some room to breathe and is composed of simple construction. The most interesting part of the dragonfly for me personally is how I was able to us black minifigure hair to be the eyes of dragonfly. I tried many pieces but nothing ever looked right until I stumbled upon the minifigure hair. This is what makes the dragonfly stand out and still engages the builder with every building step.


Overall, I have been trying to make this kind of display for awhile but never had the pieces to do so. The ideas platform has allowed me to build my dream set that I can be proud to present to you. I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures and getting a feel for how the set is built. I hope you fall in love with this set as much as I have.

Thanks for looking!

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