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TIE/d Automated Starfighter

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The TIE/d Automated Starfighter was piloted by a Cybot Galactica Ace-6 droid brain. The "d" in the name stood for "droid" or "drone". The fact that the ship was piloted by a droid and that the ship itself was cheaper to build than a standard TIE fighter made the TIE/d fighter very expendable. Like other TIE fighters, the TIE/d fighter still utilized the same type of cockpit and retained the twin laser cannon armament. Instead of the stationary, hexagonal wings of the standard TIE/ln, the TIE/d fighter had rectangular wings with adjustable pitch. The weight and space saved by removing the pilot allowed for additional armor. This made the fighter fast, small and durable. Although the Ace-6 droid brain was far more advanced the droid brains of Clone wars era, it was still to predictable, and the TIE/d was soon abandoned in favor of piloted fighters.

Since the TIE/d was one of the first TIE fighters made by LEGO as part of the 10131 TIE fighter collection from 2004, I decided to make an updated version of it. The build is based around the cockpit of the 9492 TIE fighter from 2012 to give it a similar appearance. Part of the wing design and the droid brain are direct references to the original 10131 TIE/d.
Although the TIE/d should have variable pitch wing, the wings of this build are set at a fixed angle. The build is currently made up of 388 bricks.

Front view

Side view

Rear view

View of the Cybot Galactica Ace-6 droid brain.

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