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Beetle Drive


Do you remember the family fun game of Beetle Drive? Or maybe you played it at your local social group or sport's club? Roll the die to collect the various body parts of your beetle to win. The beetles are each made of a head, thorax, abdomen, two eyes, two antennae and six legs.

In this LEGO version, you need a beetle for each player, with everyone selecting their own colour of a LEGO beetle. You also have a communal die and a prompt sheet to remind you which number on the die corresponds to which body part. The beetles are robustly made, fits easily and snuggly together, and are easy to break up again ready to play another round.

The body parts correspond to the rolls of the die as follows:

1 - Eyes
2 - Antennae
3 - Legs
4 - Abdomen
5 - Head
6 - Thorax


1. Everyone selects a beetle and breaks it up into its various body parts. Decide who is going to go first.

2. Each player rolls the die in turn, one roll per turn. They need to roll a 6 to start. If they are successful, they move their beetle's thorax into their playing space. Play then passes to their left.

3. Once a 6 has been rolled and a thorax obtained, players can add to it by rolling a 3 (leg), 4 (abdomen), or a 5 (head). One leg is added for each roll of a 3, only two legs can be added to the thorax.

4. Once a 4 (abdomen) has been rolled, that player is now also able to add four additional legs to their beetle by rolling 3s.

5. Once a 5 (head) has been rolled, that player is now also able to add to their beetle by rolling a 1 (eye) or 2 (antenna). Again, only one eye or antenna is added for each successful roll. 

6. The winner is the player who completes their beetle first.

Check out this short video to see how each beetle fits together:

I’ve had great fun making this, so I hope you like my idea and choose to show your support in the usual way!

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