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Experimental Chamber


This set is based upon an Experimental Chamber where ground breaking research is done and new technology is developed, the experimental chamber is located on the outskirts of Lego city, in a secret location. The building starts to show signs of wear & tear from years of work, an old physicist wanders through the entrance casually waving to Stan the security guard who is too busy stroking a cat to notice. The physicist turns to Tom and asks “how are we doing?”Tom, who is wearing a full environmental suit turns and says “the portal is ready; the magnetic containment field is stable, just need to fire up the electron beam generator”.

The set comprises of a single story building which is slightly aged, but maintained.  I have used light blue bricks to give the building a slightly aged look with various weeds starting to grow outside at the front. It has a satellite dish and ventilation system on the roof. To increase playability I have designed it so that it can open out and the roof can be removed.

The chamber is where the experiments into cross dimensional travel are conducted linking different universes together. The walls of the chamber are reinforced with steel plates (to protect the building in case anything pops out of the portal), the portal comprises of a magnetic containment ring and vortex generator. In the chamber wall is a hole for the electron beam generator to fire though.

The lab is where the electron beam generator is located and is positioned so it protrudes into the chamber, a instrument panel sits next to the electron beam generator if remote operation is needed, also located in the lab is a computer and coffee cup. By the door to the chamber is the main control panel for the portal

In the lobby is the door access computer and radios

This set contains three mini figures,

1.  The female physicist

2.  Tom cross dimensional explorer

3.  Stan the security guard

I would like to give the steel plates a more damaged look, perhaps with stickers, also a better minifig for Tom who jumps into the portal  

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