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The Meeting Point


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The city has grown around the railroad and the Brickester City Council has decided to expand the station, preserving and restoring the old facade and covering the old hall with a new iron and glass structure.
This newly-restored station has quickly become the most important meeting point in the city. Thousands of people pass through every day. Some patiently await the journey home, others rush by to get to work on time, some people-watch with curiosity, whilst some anxiously anticipate the too-slow arrival of a loved one. Yet others carry all their worldly belongings in a suitcase, ready to embark the train to a new life.

About The Project

Train stations have always amazed me. They are magical places where a large part of the stories of our lives are written. They are places of transition, of unsummoned crowds, of anonymous glances, of waiting, thought and reflection. I must say that I love being in them and watching what happens there… Their aromas (not always pleasant), their sounds, their colours and light/shade. I’m always propelled to ask myself: where is that person going? What is she/he reading? What are they about to eat?

Undoubtedly, the multiple European train stations I have been to and the memories of so many moments in them have inspired this project. It is therefore not a replica of any particular station, but a kind of collection of fragments based on my own memories.

The Meeting Point

Train stations, like other public arenas such as squares, statues or monuments, are meeting points for both tourists and local citizens. These are physical locations, but also symbolic ones where people agree to meet. Like those spaces, I consider this project to be a meeting point between those who come and go, those who run and those who wait patiently, between the city and the periphery, between the old and the modern, between our current location and our destination.

  • This set consists of approximately 2,850 pieces and includes 8 minifigures.
  • It's been built with real LEGO pieces, so they are all existing elements in the LEGO palette.
  • The lights you can see in some images were included just for decoration.
  • Some printed parts / stickers are suggested.

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