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Venus Flytrap


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The Diaonaea Muscipula plant known as Venus flytrap is possibly the best known within the category of carnivorous plants. These require nitrogen that is scarce in the soil from where it extracts nutrients, and they get it through some bugs, usually not very small because the effort of the plant to close at such speed is high.

It works like a trap, where some small hairs inside activate the natural spring of the plant. The plant has evolved to avoid closing with raindrops and for this, two of these small hairs have to be activated.

It is a plant that at first glance seems somewhat terrifying but when it blooms everything changes, The Venus flytrap produces flower stems up to 30 centimeters, with 5 or 6 flowers. And it is important to know that the flowering process of the Venus Flytrap consumes a huge amount of energy, and that it endangers its being, since on many occasions this plant puts its reproduction before its own survival.

Its white flowers balance its beauty, making it worthy of admiration for its characteristics. Venus is perhaps the most similar plant in the visual way of feeding, like many animals and even us.

This Venus is planted in a pot with details and includes a sign with the name of the plant. I have also allowed myself to add a fun touch by adding a branch with a certain personality called "Florentino"
I hope you like it :)

Bricky B.

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