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Modern High School

The Modern High School is what its name says. I built this building because LEGO does not create a lot of generic LEGO schools. This build will make a good set because all rooms are accessible, it doesn't take up too much space, and kids may enjoy school more with a tiny LEGO school.

This is a two-story building with 2986 pieces. The first floor has a cafeteria, the secretary's office, the principal's office, the science classroom, the science storage room, and an elevator. The cafeteria has a vending machine, a food serving area, a kitchen, a trash can, a recycling bin, and two lunch tables. Near the office, there is a loudspeaker. In the science classroom, there is a skeleton, telescope, cabinets, a microscope, plants, and a chalkboard. The second floor has a bathroom, a music classroom, an art classroom, and a gym. The music classroom has a drum set, a piano, a saxophone, guitars, and maracas. The art classroom has a large painting, a comfy couch, a shelf, and plants for reference. The bathroom has a toilet, and hand dryer, a sink, and soap. The gym has a basketball hoop, a tennis net, a rack for balls and other sports equipment.

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