Product Idea

Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone

For the Mania... By the Mania!

Released digitally in late 2017 and expanded on with a physical release a year later, Sonic Mania is many things. An authentic recreation of the timeless gameplay stylings of the 90's, a stunning showcase of gorgeous pixel art and striking low-poly models, and our first true taste of what Sonic fans gone pro can do with the series. With all this under its belt, it's no surprise the game is still extremely popular even years later. What better way, then, to expand on the ultimate celebration of past and future than by bringing the hedgehog's adventures to the brick-built world of LEGO?

If you want to see this concept turned into an officially released LEGO set, please click the blue support button to the right, and share the project with your friends, whether through social media, online forums, or chat programs. It needs 10,000 supporters for LEGO to consider turning this into a real set. That is definitely a big amount, but the goal is reachable as many projects have done it before. It will take a lot of time and effort, both on my part and those who care for the project as well, but I hope together we will reach that number.


  • "Classic" Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure, with additional "running blur" build
  • Dr Eggman, Motobug and three Flickies as brick-built figures
  • Green Hill Zone "Spring & Palm Tree" and "Loop & Extra Life" modules
  • Egg Robot mech
  • Phantom Ruby and Ring accessories
  • 612 pieces, with 11 new prints (excluding minifigure).

I feel like Sonic and LEGO are a great match because the Sonic franchise is a good fit for kids, and they are both quite popular in Europe, and manipulating a controller and building a toy both involve using your hands in a tactile way. For this reason, I have made sure this design contains many action functions, so that busy hands can keep on returning to this play experience.

Play features:

  • Connect the Green Hill Zone modules together to design your own setpieces, mimicing the power of the Phantom Ruby warping the world!
  • Use the "Spring & Palm Tree" module to launch Sonic and his Flicky friends into the air, using the Technic lever to move the spring!
  • Use the Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure to run through the environment, collecting the ring and Extra Life (representing this being Sonic's second try after his virtual journey through LEGO Dimensions!)
  • Dr Eggman can sit inside the Egg Robot mech, which can pose with its articulated arms and legs.
  • Use the handle on the end of the Egg Robot's arms to extend its hands and use the drill attack on its enemies!
  • The Motobug can catch Sonic by surprise, making him lose his ring!
  • Have Sonic and Eggman fight for the Phantom Ruby!

Built using LDD and Studio 2.0, rendered in the latter using the "Photoreal" pipeline at high sample setting with "Piazza" and "Building" lighting. Contrast was increased and prints were added using GNU Image Manipulation Program.

To see higher resolution images, please check out this Flickr link.

Thank you for reading. If you can think of anything you would like changed, or have a question you'd like to ask, please comment. I hope this project has captured your imagination!