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The Munsters


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Hey everyone :) I have the pleasure of presenting The Munster family from the famous classic tv series and movies. In this set I've made The Munsters' House, The Munsters Koach (car), and The Munsters Family. There is also a ghost and a skeleton, and some furniture and extra accessories to place wherever you like in the house. This set is made of alot of bricks, ( 2997 bricks), but it can be reduced if wanted. All roofs are sloped and covered in tiles, all walls have panels on the out side and some decoration on the inside, and all the floors have wood panels. So alot of pieces went to make this look good, and a more affordable version could be made.Also there is no spesial printing or decals in LDD so it would look better if some spesial printings or decals were applied to the Munsters family, the koach(car) and the house. I hope you like my creation and please support it if you like :) More information about the set is written on the pictures.

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