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The Witch's Hut!

The murky swampland can be very scary to get lost in. As our family of four has found out. Though, fortunately, it seems that they have found the home of a friendly local! Though this character seems a bit...unusual...

This is the Witch's Hut! Just a quiet, friendly neighborhood witch living out in the swampland with her three, faithful animal companions. She's more than willing to help out any passerby's that are lost in her area! Granted, she's not 100% accurate with her spells...nor all that good with directions! This set features the following;
  • 1275 piece count!
  • A detailed, swamp hut, complete with a walkway and fully detailed interior
  • Five minifigures!
    • The titular witch!
    • Mother and Father
    • The sister and brother
  • Three animal friends (cat, owl, and mouse)
  • Removable top and swinging roof sides to get a good look inside the hut!
I feel this would be a great build for those that want more whimsical dioramas in their Lego collection! I hope you enjoy my creation! 

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