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Monsters, Inc. Scare Simulator

Are you fascinated by the world of monsters first shown in the hit animated movie Monsters, Inc.? Well, this set is your chance to explore that world further and have your own piece of it. The Scare Simulator was featured in the Pixar movies Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University and was used to help scarers train to scare humans for a living. The set comes as a door with 2 scream cans that is connected to the simulator machine. The simulator is styled as a child's bedroom, containing a bed, bedside table and lamp, chest of drawers and a toy chest, along with a small rug on the floor and a window. One side of the room is on hinged pieces, so it can be lifted up for easy access and as shown in the images, this section can be removed entirely if required. The walls are decorated with the colours of Oozma Kappa (the fraternity that Mike and Sully were members of) as shown during the Scare Games in Monsters University. I have done my best to include minifigure versions of James P Sullivan and Mike Wazowski along with a scared child.

I decided to make this set as I have always been an avid fan of the Pixar movies with the Monsters films being some of my favourites.

This set is the perfect size for a small display piece, fitting on a desk, bedside table, coffee table and in many other locations. There has never been a LEGO set released for Monsters, Inc. and now is the time to change that.

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