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The Wacky Races


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Introducing all the 11 vehicles of the Wacky Races. All the "older" boys will surely remember and recognize the lines and drawing of the famous cartoon of Hanna & Barbera
from the 70ies.

I recreated all the vehicles of the cartoon in a minifigure scale, prioritizing the colour choice
over the details, so that it could match as close as possible those of the cartoon. This led
to some minor issues with the lines and shapes of the models, since not all the required lego
pieces are available in the desiderd colours.

1) Mean Machine (the hardest one to recreate, due to the limited availability of lego pieces in
dark purple colour)
2) Boulder Mobile (the easiest one to recreate)
3) Creepy Coupe (not including the dragon)
4) Convert-a-car
5) Crimsoin Haybailer
6) Compact Pussycat (the lines of this model are much more squared due to the limited
availability of lego pieces in light pink colour, including the mudguards)
7) Army Surplus Special
8) Bulletproof Bomb
9) Arkansas Chugga-Bug
10) Turbo Terrific (i'm going to refine the model, trying to find the rims in blue colour)
11) Buzz Wagon

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