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Godzilla comes to life!

Our friends at Paganomation borrowed our Godzilla model so they could bring it to life with stop-motion animation. Be sure to check out the video and see how they did it.


Build the Ginza Wako building so Godzilla can destroy it!

I recently made a How To Build video for the Ginza Wako department store. This building is one of the iconic buildings Godzilla attacks in the 1954 original. You can follow along to build your own. This was also designed primarily by Mark Larson with feedback and finishing touches from me.

I also updated Godzilla's atomic breath to be blue based on the many comments I received. Thanks for the continued feedback and support!



Find all the pieces you need to build your own copy of Godzilla!

Many thanks to Nick Mastramico for taking the time to recreate Godzilla in LEGO Digital Designer by following my How To Build video! I used his LDD file to create parts lists so you can easily buy the pieces you need to build your own Godzilla from Brick Owl or BrickLink.

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