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Something has emerged from the depths of the ocean and it's headed for the city... it's Godzilla! 

The Model

This model contains approximately 850 LEGO pieces, stands 9 inches (23 cm) tall, and meausres 17 inches (44 cm) from head to tail. Godzilla has had many different designs over the years, but we based ours on the original 1954 movie. The arms, legs, jaw, and tail are hinged to allow the model to be posed in a variety of positions. In addition to Godzilla, the set also includes a small microscale train for Godzilla to stomp on or chomp on and a flame piece to represent Godzilla's atomic breath.

We also built a scale model of the Ginza Wako building that Godzilla attacks in the 1954 movie. However, this building is just to demonstrate the scale of Godzilla, and would not be included in the LEGO set.

For piece-by-piece instructions for this model, watch the How To Build video.

The Designers

This Godzilla model is a collaboration between Dave Pickett (@BRICK_101) and Mark Larson (@Hinckley).

Dave Pickett is a lifelong LEGO fan and pop culture enthusiast. He runs the YouTube channel BRICK 101 where he shares his LEGO animations, custom LEGO creations, LEGO set reviews and other fun videos. Dave is co-author of The LEGO Animation Book. When he's not building with LEGO bricks, Dave enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, watching nerdy TV shows, playing board games, and exploring Chicago with his husband Bert and their dog Sophie.

Mark is a Master Model Builder working for four years as a Designer, Project Designer and Project Manager at LEGOLAND Studios in Carlsbad, Malaysia and Windsor. He earned a Bachelors in Theater from Illinois State University and a BFA in Graphic Design from The School at the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, he is freelancing LEGO Design and Graphic/Web design for a number of clients.


April 2011 - Dave started uploading "How To Build" tutorials to the BRICK 101 YouTube channel. These videos show viewers step-by-step instructions to use recreate Dave's custom LEGO creations (MOCs or My Own Creations). In addition to making How To Builds for his existing MOCs, Dave takes requests for future builds from viewers.

December 2011 - jakezilla382000 left the first comment asking Dave to build Godzilla. Over the next six years, more than 3700 additional comments and votes followed, making Godzilla one of the most requested How to Builds ever.

June 2016 - Dave made his first attempt at building a rough outline of a Godzilla MOC. He didn't get very far. He put that model in his "Work in Progress" box along with other partially finished MOCs. He knew he owed it to his audience to bring Godzilla to life in brick form, but had a serious case of builder's block.

November 2017 - Dave reaches out to his friend Mark Larson to start to doing freelance work for BRICK 101 designing custom models. The first model Mark designs is Bendy the Ink Demon, followed by Knuckles the Echidna. After establishing a good working rapport on these two projects, Dave gives Mark the big challenge: Godzilla.

December 2017 - January 2018 - Over the course of six weeks, Mark takes the design through multiple iterations while incorporating feedback from Dave. They keep tweaking details until they are just right. By the end of January, they've finalized the design and Dave orders a few missing pieces from BrickLink to bring it to life.

February 2018 - To celebrate the 9th anniversary of the BRICK 101 YouTube channel, the Godzilla project launches on LEGO Ideas.


Thank you for reading about our project and please consider supporting it so it can become a real LEGO set!

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