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Octan Express (the Hallmark of 25 Years)


Expert Lego Truck Builder Needed!

Thank you all for supporting my project! People really like it, but there is one problem: the truck is no good. Two people have complained that they like the train set, but not the truck that comes with it. That's why I need you to help me! Post your best model of an Octan Lego truck to the Ldd Gallery. Here's the link you must follow: Thank you! If you have any questions about this, please let me know in the comments. May the Fourth be with you, and May you prepare for the revenge of the Fifth! ​(By cheesy. 5/5/2017)


President Business: Octan Company Owner

This is going to be a little story to serve as a funny short. The short's name: "The President's Popularity Rating."

President Business: Robots! How's Popularity Rating? Robot Secretary: It is going just great, sir, but-- ​President Business: What do you mean "but?" If you're telling me that my popularity is wrong, I will throw you into the Abyss of Infinite Nothingness! ​Robot Secretary: Everything is fine, sir. Now that you're on the good guy side, everything is through the roof. But, Bruce Wayne is still much richer than you. ​President Business: What?!? You know what I should do? I should call Batman to bring that ​Bruce Wayne to justice!! By how much money is he richer than me? ​Robot Secretary: Bruce Wayne is richer by $0.24. ​President Business: By that much?? Weak! If I picked up a quarter, I'd be the richest Lego minifigure in the-- oh my gosh! A quarter! I beat you, Bruce Wayne! ​Robot Secretary: I actually meant to say $24,000,000 sir. Lord Business: What?!? Ugh...

That's all for now folks! Good day! ​(By cheesy. 5/3/2017)


A Nostolgic Inspiration...

The two images below you are what started my Octan Express project. These two images show an ​Octan​ truck and an ​Octan...steam locomotive? Why the steamer? Here's why: When I was younger, I built an Octan ​steamer. I remember that it had a blue cab, the front portion of the boiler looked almost like a fan, and I believe that the cab's roof was red. The Octan ​steamer below is now called "Steamer #2." Thanks for visiting this update! Have a nice day! ​(By cheesy. 4/18/2017)


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