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The Iron Giant


Final update!

I didn't change it too much, but I polished a few things. I made new arms so the shoulders are a less intincrate build, and more bulkier. I also removed all the articulations of the legs. This is a big change, but I think it makes the model more interesting (especially now that it's on a base/diorama) and way more stable and sturdy.


Diorama to display the Iron Giant, the iconic S and the red car

I made a diorama/base to display the Iron Giant. I included the old red car that Hogart and the Giant play with and the iconic big S sign, that can be placed on the chest of the Iron Giant.

The autumn ambience is one of my favourite things from the movie, so I added three trees with yellow/dark orange leaves. I also built different greebling pieces to represent McCoppin's junkyard (and the Giant's food!).

This was a really big addition to the project, but I think it's the perfect way to display the Iron Giant. I've modified the legs to make them more sturdy too.

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