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Green Hornet's Black Beauty (car)

This project is based off of the car seen in the 2011 superhero comedy movie The Green Hornet, The Black Beauty. It Includes the two guns seen in the front of the car and the twelve missiles are replaced by flick missiles although my design only has 10 working missiles. The Guns in the front of the car do work and shoot a fairly good distance. The set includes two minifigures, Britt Reid/Green Hornet and his sidekick Kato. As we get more supporters we will add a timeline.

This is a view of the two guns and some of the flick missiles

This is an inside view with the control area and steering wheel.

These are the minifigures included with the set next to the car.

these are the two minifigures Kato on the left and Britt Reid/Green Hornet on the right.

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