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LEGO Olympics - Media Pack

Provided you own a few LEGO Olympics sets, it would be a good idea to add some realism to the set up -- by adding some cameras! I have included enough media coverage here to use for four or five sets. To see close-ups of some of the different aspects of this pack, see below.

Here are your standard sports commentators who can stand next to the events or sit up in the viewing boxes and talk about the sport. There are two pairs of these guys. One pair with happy expressions (above) and one pair with displeased expressions.

For every media event you need a camera crew. This pack includes four camera men with black cameras. These guys are best placed around events for the best effect.

Here we see two viewing boxes, complete with couch and desk for the commentators to sit in and talk about the event. It's fairly open to allow lots of room for playability.

I hope you liked this pack's concept and will support it if so. if not, please see if you do enjoy some of my other projects. Thank you!

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