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The King of Queens


My latest project,

is the Set of my favorite TV Series. The living room, the kitchen and the IPS Truck from the TV show "The King of Queens".

The three main Charakters are Doug and Carrie Heffernan with Carrie's father Arthur Spooner.
Doug works as a IPS delivery driver, while Carrie works as a secretary. There lives are complicated by the demands of Arthur.

This Lego-Set will never be boring and never dust in the shelf, because it always encourages new funny scenes to be rebuilt.
Even when I built the Set, I had countless funny scenes in front of me.

This Set includes:

  • the living room
  • the kitchen
  • the three mini figures Arthur, Doug and Carrie
  • the IPS Truck

It Contains total 1899 parts.

Have Fun with it!

Many funny scenes I will submit in Updates.

Thanks for watching my project.