Product Idea

Peanuts 70th Anniversary

This year (2020) marks the 70th Anniversary of The Peanuts Gang, this set was made to celebrate this wondrous occasion. This project commemorates how The Peanuts Gang got their start, through comic books. This comic book creation shows us the iconic moments throughout the years; like Marcie and Peppermint Patty making easter eggs to Linus and Sally looking for The Great Pumpkin.

This set is made up of iconic scenes with Minifigures and 2D printed tiles to make up this special anniversary comic book. The Minifigure scenes can be detached to close the comic book. This Lego set makes a great display piece open or closed. This set consists of 535 pieces and only one comic book.

This set includes: 
  • 10 Minifigures
  • 1 Brick-built comic book
  • 6 Iconic Peanuts scenes

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