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Dream House


Having a fantasy about how your dream house would be is surely nice and so I've decided to build my idea.

This is a dream house on the sea and you can reach it by motorboat and you can moor it in the little and private harbor.
On the ground floor you can find the kitchen, a little bathroom and the living room with a big television.
The upper level contains the bedroom and a terrace from where you can dive directly into the sea.
During the day you can diving, sunbathing, snorkelinkg or fishing and than cooking a fresh fish on the stone BBQ.

The set is very coloured and it's not too big; it's built on a baseplate 48x48 with about 1000 pieces.
Children can play with seven minifigures, many accessoires and one motorboat. The roof and the first floor can be removed and this make the sets very playble.

So,having fantasy about your dream house and enjoy the gallery!


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