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Decoration Tray

The LEGO set your partner will agree to keep on the shelf for longer than a week!
This is my new project the LEGO ideas Decoration tray! It contains:
  • A dark bluish gray tray on 4 legs
  • A black photo frame, functional! so you can put a real photo in it!
  • A black table with a black - dark bluish gray pattern on top
  • A lime color succulent in a white pot
  • 2 light bluish gray tealight holders

Perfect to decorate your table or shelf!
This set is aimed at the older LEGO fans, but the building experience is fun for all ages! It doesn't really have much things to play with, but it would be an amazing decoration for on a table or a shelf, it even has fuctional/usefull parts like the photo frame that fits a small photo, you can prevent your photo from falling out by clamping it between the clips, and the tealight holders!

Why did I build this?
After being inspired by the LEGO company making sets for adult/older LEGO fans (Botanical collection, LEGO icons and LEGO ideas), I wanted to make a LEGO set for adult/older LEGO fans too! LEGO is fun for all ages. Also, most of the time LEGO sets are displayed on a shelf or a table, but after some time, you get tired of it and store it in a box on the attic, never to be seen again... BUT! this set is made to be on your shelf or table! it is meant to be usefull decoration to make your room an even more beautifull place! 

What was my inspiration?
My mom. My mother might not love cooking that much, but she is absolutely amazing in decorating the house! Every few weeks she spends hours to create new designs for the windowsill, the table, the shelves, EVERYTHING! This set has a lot of references to my mom her house decoration. This set is also a little bit a tribute to all hardworking mothers trying to make their houses their homes.

This would make a GREAT LEGO set because:
It is original and it has never been build before. the set is also great to interact with other decorative products in your house, like candles and lights. It's an amazing product to look at and to have on your shelf. it might be purely decoration and less playing, but that's only a great opportunity for the adult LEGO fans who still want to be in touch with the amazing toy brand they once grew up with.

Usefull information
  • The set contains 760 parts (0 minifigures)
  • Tray size is around 25 cm x 32 cm (9,8 inches x 12,6 inches)
  • The photo frame can hold a 10,4 cm x 13,6 cm (4,1 inches x 5,3 inches) photo
  • Tealight holder can hold a 3,9 cm (1,5 inches) (diameter) tealight (standard measurements)
  • Potted succulent does not need water ;)
  • the build is designed in studio 2.0 with focus on strength (good adhesion between unstable parts)

If you like the LEGO decoration tray, please support it, be sure to share it with your friends and family!


Thank you (in advance) for your support, I hope you have an amazing day!

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