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The Stallion - Micro version -

*A message from cutietiny*

This is my coordinated series of sailing ships, a beloved theme and one of TLG's most successful ones.

But where's it gone? We await the return of these awe-inspiring legends in Lego form!

Thus I ask that you support my trio of sailing vessels in the hope that a great theme can be revived!

Welcome to my 'smallest' project on Cuusoo, the micro version of The Stallion!

If you haven't seen it yet, here is The Stallion, which has met a warm response from the Cuusoo community and I would be gratified if you took the time to support it!

Anyway, all the info about The Stallion idea and further details are featured with the original. This project is a smaller, less pricey, representation of my MOC sailing ship, inspired by the request of one Privateer (although I am making a smaller minifigure scale model in accordance with this also), I have tried to make it reasonably accurate and appealing, hope you like it!

With its big sister:

Hey look, it's the back cannon ports - in miniature! XD

Please do support this, also follow me and be the first to see my latest projects!

cutietiny :-)

PS. Apart from any other queries, suggestions, etc that you may have, I would appreciate any comments on how to improve the original Stallion template in my upcoming smaller version.

Here is a sneak preview!

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