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Mysteries Manor


You love mysteries and detective novels this set is made for you. inspirated by the boardgame clue, Agahta Christie stories and Alfred Hitchcock movies, it include all you need to decide who is guilty and who is innocent. Each minifigures come with two accesories (or clues ;) )that you can hide in various room in the manor to find who stole the diamond locked in the safe.

all secrets of the manor :

- dirt trail across the flowers that lead to the kitchen openned window.

-some plate fallen in the kitchen with studs of sauce to find who step in.

-ladder on the balcony that can be use to access the roof.

-safe hidden in the closet of the room.

-oppening windows on the roof.

-ravens and 10 little statues hidden in all the set reference to the movie the birds from Alfred Hitchcock and the book ''and there where none'' from Agahta Christie.


minifigures and there accesories:

-the general, with his gun and his cane.

-the professor, with playing card and book.

-the lady, with lipsstick and fan.

-the maid, with attic key and hair brush.

-the doctor, with his suitcase and instrument.

-the policemen with insigna and his police baton.

-the cook with a fork and a ladle.

-Alfred Hitchcock, with camera and a clap.

-Agahta Christie, with a pen and a page.


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