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Explorer's Camp



Welcome to the Explorer's Camp. A model that I believe has the potential to become a Lego set. So If you like this set and believe it has the same potential as I think it does, please support and share this model with all your friends.


The Explorer's Camp is a model with high playability it has...

. A fireplace with a secret spot underneath that holds the soup that goes into the explorers boiling pot.

. A sleeping bag with a secret spot underneath that holds the treasure the explorer is searching for.

. The fireplace can also be used to place the boiling pot of soup so that the explorer can eat dinner.

. A horse on which the explorer and all his accessories can fit.

I believe that the Explorer's Camp  would make a great Lego set because of its high playability and the fact that it can be moulded into any story you like, and I would be open to any changes Lego would like to make.


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