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Folding Book Nook


Storytelling in the Folding Book Nook

I thought I'd share some of the visual stories I've created in the yokocho book nook that I have been sharing on Instagram and Reddit:


Cherry blossoms and a beer keg for authenticity

I created a short video of the book nook with some of the design updates shown in the stills below:

Omoide Yokocho

This is the actual Omoide Yokocho that I have based my book nook on. I really wanted to add a crate of bottled drinks but it feels too big for the book nook.

Instead, I made a keg:

I also wanted the book nook to be truer to the source so I changed the leaves to pink and white from green:

I'm not sure if this is a better color so I'll await comments on that here and do a poll on Instagram.

And lastly, I've added beams in the middle and front of the book nook to help keep it from bowing in when the top is removed:


More details added

I've added a yakitori and ramen counter to the book nook! It replaces the windows on the ground floor on the right side of the book nook.

What's a yokocho without an open eatery after all?

I've also changed the bulky lantern to one that is more accurate to those found in a Japanese alley. This design also allows minifigs to move under it.

There's a new red lantern there as well.

I was thinking about adding crates of bottles or a keg but they are a bit too bulky for the alleyway so I just went with a couple of bottles. Apparently, these are used to scare off cats!

I also added a better-looking balcony for the second floor:

I will try it with reddish-brown 1x4 tiles with two studs when I get more of them but for now, I have just used 1x4 plates with transparent plates to fill the gaps.


Additional images

These are some additional images of the interior from the front, back and overhead. I've removed the DIY lighting kit for a cleaner submission.

And a view of the book nook straight on.

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