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Folding Book Nook


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A book nook is a mini-world that sits in between books on your bookshelf. And who doesn't love a miniature world?

I built this because I was looking for a way to display LEGO discreetly in my home. I love modulars but they take up way too much space. Space is always a problem for us LEGO fans, isn't it?

The book nook is compact --- and it's a fun surprise for people to see in a bookshelf.

No longer will our LEGO sets be banished to the basement! 

The book nook is great for display, but also for play: open it up wide to use as scenery for dramatic play or in brickfilms and photography. 

My book nook is based on a famous food alley in Tokyo: Omoide Yokocho. The charming lantern-filled and cherry blossom-lined alley is full of tiny yakitori stalls and other counter-serve restaurants.

It's 8 studs wide, about 20 bricks tall, and 24 bricks long. It opens to 48 bricks wide.

There are about 589 bricks.

It's held together by a removable top that spans the book nook's width and length. I' 've made the top to look more like pages, after seeing the Charles Dickens Tribute 40410.

A 1x2 door rail plate holds the base together. Converting it from a book nook into a wide background is really simple: take off the top assembly, remove the door rail from the walkway, open the set wide, and attach it to the top.

I think every LEGO fan would love to have a portal into another world sitting on their bookshelf. After all, that's what books do: transport us somewhere else!

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