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Letter to Santa


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Dear Santa…

this is where the season finds its sparkle!
To imagine the most heartfelt wishes coming true, the little things that you just hope you’d get, the secret dreams you wouldn’t otherwise even dare to utter - at Christmas you might just get lucky if you just ask for it the right way.
And even if you don’t even believe in Santa: better to be safe just in case and put pen to paper to quickly write down what your heart desires: you might just get what you asked for.

My „Letter to Santa“ was thought up to provide a decorative place to put the wishlist so it can be found by whomever it may concern!

The envelope is designed as a classic airmail-letter - light aqua with red and dark blue stripes along the edges with the PAR AVION remark - and has already been addressed & postmarked to end up in the right place.
On the back the flap of the envelope let’s you write your name so there is no confusion to who the sender is...
and if you open it, you can insert little notes with your wishes written on. 
If you are lucky „Santa" will personally open the letter once you aren’t around and make your wish come true!

The envelope can then be put in the stand that comes with it: a little North Pole scene where the elves are happily preparing the orders in snowy surroundings, dealing with all the incoming mail.

„Letter to Santa“ is a lovely display piece to have on the kitchen shelve come December and a playful way to collect the family wishes!
It's meant to evoke the cosy feeling of childhood Christmas, be a playful decoration amidst the Christmas cards and the the fairy light and and give a bit of a twist to the idea of letter writing in an age where it has fallen out of fashion all while providing an accessible building experience to align with the holiday spirit!

The set is supposed to come with 
- two mini figure elves
- 2 sets of alphabet 1x1 round tiles
- several printed tiles & possibly some stickers for the envelope

And even though seasonal builds are not for everyone I really hope you help us Christmas dreamers out and support my little project. 
Thanks everybody!

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