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Royal King's Guard Figure

This LEGO model was inspired by the coronation of the new King of England, Charles III. I was captivated by the British tradition of the changing of the guards and fascinated by the synchronization, formality, and professionalism. It was then that an idea popped into my head. This is my first self-made LEGO model and so it took quite a while to get used to the LEGO editing software. I built it because I have made many LEGO sets when I was younger, including the functioning piano, and vehicles but have never made my own design, so I thought why not give it a try? I have seen many LEGO documentaries of LEGO builders in the past, and the designing process always interested me. I believe this will make a great LEGO set because it is an iconic character, a great addition to all the other London-themed models, and this idea hasn't been published into LEGO yet. As well as this, it appeals to both tourists and Londoners and due to the model's reasonably large size and building complexity, it engages an audience of all ages, assisting the LEGO company in expanding their design to everybody, no matter the age. God Save the King!

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