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Terraria is action-packed 2D survival game with numerous unique biomes to explore and countless enemies to fight. While Terraria is considered to be a “sandbox” game like Minecraft, it focuses much more heavily on defeating bosses, collecting rare loot, and progressing through a loose storyline.


The models I designed are fairly accurate renditions of some of the game’s most iconic locations. All the five models can be separated/connected via connector pins located on either side of every module.

I listed nearly all of every biome’s details alongside their images, however I did not discuss some of the background elements. Each biome features its own unique backdrop and tree design.

  • The Jungle includes 3 Jungle Trees.
  • The Desert includes 4 Cactuses.
  • The Forest includes 2 Forest.
  • The Snow Biome includes 3 Boreal Trees.
  • The Corruption includes 3 Corrupt Trees.


Finally, I’d like to say that I truly appreciate any support I get for this project. I strongly believe that an official Terraria LEGO set would be an excellent fit for both parties, but I’m also just happy to share this with everyone. I’ve been thinking about finishing this project for years and only recently got around to it. I had a great time building, rendering, and editing this project and I thoroughly hope that you enjoy it.

If you have any questions about the model or want me to share the LEGO Digital Designer or Studio files, you can find me on Twitter at @jmjt4_lego.


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