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Emd GP38


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A couple days ago, I built this EMD GP38 diesel locomotive. The color scheme was inspired by the color scheme I used for the EMD F7A diesel locomotive in my F7A Train Set. I hope you all like it!

This project is 646 pieces. Like on most of my LEGO train projects, there are two sections on this diesel locomotive: a cab section and an engine room.

Inside the cab is a seat for the engineer minifigure that is included and a control panel. The engine room only has one thing in it: the engine. But the engine can be taken out and replaced with something else: a triple-A battery box!

Notice that I did not make room for an IR Receiver. This is because the locomotive is not compatible with Power Functions, but the new POWERED UP system that is going to be used to motorize LEGO trains. If you haven't seen this new POWERED UP motorization system, see the new 60198 Cargo Train or the 60197 Passenger Train.

Thank you all for viewing and supporting this project! Please let me know in the comments section how you like this locomotive, and if it needs any improvement. Have a good day, everyone! Project by cheeseinthepie. 7/3/2018

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