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Viking Settlement

Hello, this is the Viking settlement I created.
I want to show it to LEGO fans around the world, especially Castle series and Medieval fans.

I made it to make a home for Viking figures from the LEGO minifigure series that I collected.
It would be nice if LEGO, a Danish company, made a house for the Vikings, but LEGO seems to have forgotten the Viking, so I made it myself. :)

I'm not an expert on the architectural style of Vikings, but I think the characteristic of Viking Longhouses is a long furnace, so I used light bricks to express it.

I built it thinking about the old LEGO Viking Fortress 7019, so built a wooden wall. But instead of fighting against mythical monsters, I wanted to express more common settlements, so I made more trees. And inside the settlement, there were sacred maple trees and run stones.

I hope you enjoy it.

Let's make a house for the Vikings!

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